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Title: The Tapping Solution for Parents, Children & Teenagers: How to Let Go of Excessive Stress, Anxiety and Worry and Raise Happy, Healthy, Resilient Families
Author: Nick Ortner
Number of Pages: (432 pages)
Publication date: Tuesday February 20, 2018
Publisher: Hay House, Inc.
ASIN: 1401956068
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Book Review

Raising children is life’s greatest gift and accomplishment, but it can also come with an overwhelming amount of stressors, anxiety and self-doubt. Am I modeling the type of person I want my child to become? Am I doing enough to prepare my child to strive in an ever-changing world? Are my children happy and confident in themselves?

In The Tapping Solution for Parents, Children & Teenagers,Nick Ortner encourages readers to first take a look at their own stressors and worry as parents, reminding readers that self-care is vital to helping others. In the first section of the book, parents are guided on using the revolutionary technique known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Tapping to release parental overwhelm, quiet worry, manage conflict and transform their experience of parenthood. 
In the second section, Nick explores specific uses for Tapping with children, ranging from releasing negative emotions like anger, fear and phobias, sadness, grief, guilt, and shame, to overcoming specific challenges such as anxiety disorders, sleep, nightmares, performance anxiety, bullying, school jitters, divorce and much more.

Through the use of diagrams, links to videos, and Tapping tips, The Tapping Solution for Parents, Children & Teenagers is an easy-to-use resource to solve everyday issues taking place in our homes.

Topics include:


Chapter 1: Kids, the Brain and Stress

Chapter 2: Quick and Powerful Stress Relief

Chapter 3: Releasing Parental Overwhelm

Chapter 4: Quieting Worry

Chapter 5: Reinventing Routinely Challenging Moments

Chapter 6: Managing Conflict by Releasing Taboo Emotions

Chapter 7: A Fresh Look at Transforming Parenthood


Chapter 8: How to Tap with Children

• Common Challenges Regarding Tapping with Children

--Introducing Tapping to Children

--Tapping with Elementary-School-Aged Children

--Tapping with Middle-School-Aged Children

--Tapping with Teenagers (High School)

--Measuring Progress

• Tapping Techniques You Can Try with Your Child

--“Tell the Story” Technique

--“The Box” Technique 

--Visualization Technique  

--Visualization Technique with Colors

Chapter 9: “Disorders”: Specific Help for the Child with Specific Needs

• Tapping with Your Child: ADD & ADHD

--Adult Tapping: Relieving Stress from Your Child’s ADD or ADHD

--Overcoming Social Anxiety

--Navigating Change

--Overcoming Inattention

--Overcoming Impulsivity


--Adult Tapping: Relieving Stress from Your Child’s SPD

--Adjusting to a New School or Environment with SPD

--Overcoming the Need for Excessive Stimuli

--Overcoming Sensory Intolerance

--Overcoming Social/Emotional Issues Related to SPD

--Introducing a Sensory Object/Experience

Chapter 10: “Negative” Emotions and How to Release Them

• Tapping with Your Child: ANGER

--Adult Tapping: Releasing the Taboo

--Adult Tapping: From Release to Peace

--Releasing Anger (Younger Children)

--Releasing Anger toward Sibling(s)

--Releasing Anger (Middle School & High School Ages)

--Quieting an Angry Outburst

• Tapping with Your Child: FEARS AND PHOBIAS

--Adult Tapping: Releasing Fear

--Overcoming Fears Related to Past Events

--Overcoming the Fear of Needles

--Releasing the Fear of Spiders (and Other Creatures)

--Releasing the Resistance to Completely Eliminate a Fear 

--Overcoming Fear of Water

--Releasing Fear(s) from a Scary Movie

--Eliminating Fears & Phobias (“Scan the Body” Technique)

--Eliminating the Fear of the Dark

--Overcoming the Fear of Loud Noises (Sirens, Etc.) 

• Tapping with Your Child: SADNESS

--Adult Tapping: Making Peace with Sadness

--What Am I Sad About?

--Releasing Sadness about a Situation

--Feeling More Joy

• Tapping with Your Child: GRIEF

--Adult Tapping: Releasing Grief-Related Stress

--Processing Grief over a Loved One

--Opening to Support and Community after Loss

--Processing Grief over Losing a Grandparent

--Processing Grief over Losing a Pet

• Tapping with Your Child: DEPRESSION

--Adult Tapping: Releasing Stress around Your Child’s Depression

--Shedding “The Blues”

--Moving beyond Irritability

--Moving beyond Hopelessness

--“All I Want to Do Is______”

• Tapping with Your Child: GUILT

--Adult Tapping: Releasing Parental Guilt

--“I Lied/I Did a Bad Thing”

--“I Didn’t Do Enough”

--“I Shouldn’t Be This Good at School/Sports/Etc.”

--Releasing Traumatic Survivor’s Guilt

• Tapping with Your Child: SHAME AND SELF-HATRED

--Adult Tapping: Releasing Angst over Your Child’s Shame

--Letting Go of “You’re So _____” Remarks

--Releasing Stress from Self-Esteem Challenges

--Feeling Safe with Shame

--Releasing Self-Shaming Beliefs

--Feeling Self-Love

--Envisioning Unconditional Love

Chapter 11: Stress, Anxiety and Their Side Effects

• Tapping with Your Child: ANXIETY DISORDERS

--Adult Tapping: Releasing Anxiety about Your Child’s Disorder

--Overcoming Social Anxiety

--Releasing Anxiety from Being Excluded 

--Quieting a Panic Attack

--Overcoming Obsessive Behavior

--Overcoming Selective Mutism

• Tapping with Your Child: SLEEP

--Adult Tapping: Falling Asleep, Waking Rested  

--Quieting an Active Mind at Bedtime

--Relaxing Body & Mind at Bedtime

--Falling Back Asleep

• Tapping with Your Child: NIGHTMARES

--Adult Tapping: Releasing the Stress from Your Child’s Nightmares

--Neutralizing Nightmares and Tapping at Bedtime to Prevent Nightmares

--Neutralizing Nightmares after Traumas

Chapter 12: School Issues

• Tapping with Your Child: PERFORMANCE ANXIETY

--Adult Tapping: Overcoming Parental Performance Anxiety

--Releasing Test Anxiety

--Transforming “I’m Bad at ______” Beliefs

--Quieting Anxiety-Fueled Outbursts

--Preparing for Competition

--Stepping Out on Stage (or on the Field, Etc.)

• Tapping With Your Child: SCHOOL JITTERS

--Adult Tapping: Releasing the Stress of Your Child’s School Jitters

--Overcoming “Big Kid School” Jitters

--Feeling at Ease Riding the School Bus

--Overcoming New School Year Nervousness

--Overcoming First-Day-of-High-School (or Middle School) Jitters

• Tapping with Your Child: BULLYING

--Adult Tapping: Releasing Angst over Bullying

--Moving beyond Bullying

--Releasing Anger and Fear from Being Bullied

--No Longer the Bully

Chapter 13: Managing Challenging Relationships

• Tapping with Your Child: ADULTS

--Adult Tapping: Releasing Stress around Your Child’s Resistance toward You

--Releasing Angst over a Critical Coach

--Releasing Resistance toward a Teacher

--Releasing Anger at a Parent/Guardian



--Adult Tapping: Releasing Stress around Your Child’s “Young Love” Experience

--Releasing Icky Feelings about Unwanted Attention/Affection (Younger Child)

--Releasing the Stress of Unwanted Attention (Child)

--Quieting Obsessive Thoughts about a Crush (Pre-Teen/Teenager)

--S/he Dumped Me! (Pre-Teen/Teenager)

--“I Don’t Want To Talk about It” (Pre-Teen/Teenager)

--Releasing Big Emotions around Breakup/Rejection


--“What Will They Think?” (Pre-Teen/Teenager)

--Moving On after Heartbreak (Pre-Teen/Teenager)

Chapter 14: Overcoming Personal Challenges

• Tapping with Your Child: “BIG T” AND “LITTLE T” TRAUMA

--Adult Tapping: Releasing the Stress of Your Child’s Experience  

--Immediately after a “Little t” Trauma

--Releasing a Traumatic Memory

--Adult Tapping: Releasing Everyday Stress in the Midst of Trauma

--Feeling Safe in Your Body

• Tapping with Your Child: DIVORCE

--Adult Tapping: Announcing Divorce

--Adult Tapping: Releasing Anger around Divorce

--Adult Tapping: Gaining Clarity

--Adult Tapping: Releasing Guilt & Shame around Divorce

--Overcoming Confusion around Choosing a Parent

--Releasing Blame & Anger over Divorce

--Letting Go of Sadness over Divorce

--Adjusting to a New Home

--Releasing Self-Blame (“My Parents’ Divorce Is My Fault”)

--Accepting a Parent’s New Partner

Chapter 15: Healing

• Tapping with Your Child: ALLERGIES & ASTHMA

--Adult Tapping: Lowering Allergy- and Asthma-Related Stress

--Overcoming Allergies

--Quieting an Asthma Attack

--Calming Anxiety after an Asthma Attack

• Tapping with Your Child: INJURY HEALING

--Adult Tapping: Promoting Healing in the Body

--Overcoming Injury-Related Physical Symptoms

--Releasing Injury-Related Stress

• Tapping with Your Child: PAIN RELIEF

--Adult Tapping: Releasing the Stress of Your Child’s Pain

--Relieving Physical Pain

--Releasing a Pain-Related Event

--Releasing the Emotions Behind the Pain

ADDENDUM: Tapping in Schools

--Tapping in Elementary School

--Tapping in Middle & High School

--Giving High School Students the Gift of Self-Mastery

--How to Get Tapping into Your School

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