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Title: The Cat Said What?
Author: Dr. Paula Lester
Number of Pages: (68 pages)
Publication date: Wednesday February 14, 2018
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Book Review

Have you ever wondered why cats make happy kitty muffins with their paws? Or why they scratch things we don't want them to or decline to use their litter boxes? Why do they insist on sticking their rear ends in our faces, anyway?

Where better to find answers than straight from a cat who’s mastered human speech?

Dr. Paula Lester is a veterinarian who practiced small animal general medicine for 15 years. One day, her cat, Lily, decided she wanted to share some insight into the behavior, care, and training of her species with Dr. Lester, so she could pass it on to other humans.

Lily is a little sassy, but she has important information she wants humans to know about cats, and Dr. Lester has faithfully recorded and compiled it into this funny, thoughtful, and touching book.

After you’ve read it, you’ll be able to communicate with and understand your cat better as well as encourage the behaviors you want to see and discourage those you don’t.

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