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Title: Tha Holy Bibizzle
Author: Neffew Moses and Neffew Matthew
Number of Pages: (238 pages)
Publication date: Saturday March 11, 2017
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ASIN: 1544259158
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Book Review

The Bible re-written in gangsta slang.

Read up on life n crucifizzle of Jizzle, creation of tha heavens n tha ghetto, Adam n Eve in tha weed garden of Eden, observing of Puff Puff Passover, Tower of Babel, n mo.

Includes 2 books of old testizzle - Genesizzle n Exodizzle n 1 of new testizzle - Tha Dope News Accordin 2 Matthew.

Chuuch. Preach. Tabernacle.

Contains strong language.

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