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Title: It'll Be Fine: A True Story
Author: Rebecca Rose
Number of Pages: (361 pages)
Publication date: Tuesday December 6, 2016
Publisher: Rebecca Rose Press
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Book Review

While the conduit of this book is a genuine love story, a more important tale lies within it.

This is the real, unfiltered story of how I discovered the woman inside me who knows what she’s TRULY worth; whose said worth doesn’t come from her outward appearance, accomplishments, or other human beings.

It’s about finally learning how to love myself enough to renounce poisonous people, thoughts, habits, and situations.

It's my journey of bringing to light the overlooked corner of my heart that life had sneakily shut down, the piece of me that desires to help others, that isn’t afraid to put some of my most vulnerable (and sometimes ugly) thoughts out there in the hope that someone else might learn from my mistakes.

It’s about unearthing the version of me courageous enough to write and share this remarkably raw and heartfelt story.

My purpose in writing this book was to somehow pay it forward for the life-changing lessons I learned from great books and amazing, loving people. I wouldn't be in the magical place I am today without them.

This is my “thank you” to the universe.

**Please note: this book contains adult language and content.**

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