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Title: Grandma's Word Search Puzzles (Volume 1)
Author: Rays Publishers
Number of Pages: (120 pages)
Publication date: Wednesday January 21, 2015
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ASIN: 150764454X
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Book Review

Welcome to these fun Word Search Puzzles, this book is designed to provide endless entertainment to our influential Grandparents. Attribute to all grandmas to enjoy and have hours of challenging fun. Each puzzle contains 24 words as challenges to be searched on board and solutions are placed on every after the 6th Puzzle.
The words are hidden and read in any of the directions: Vertically, horizontally, diagonally, forward and backward. You’re provided with a list of words to find within a grid of seemingly - random letters. Every word in the list appears once and only once in the puzzle grid.
These word search puzzles have been designed to suit any one inclusive of visually impaired, due to its large print lay-out and the high resolution of the interior set-up.
******* Happy Solving *******

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