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Title: Boyfriends of Dorothy (The Real Thing collection)
Author: Wednesday Martin
Number of Pages: (37 pages)
Publication date: Monday May 28, 2018
Publisher: Amazon Original Stories
ASIN: B078XB11K1
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Book Review

In her love letter to her gay “boyfriends,” New York Times bestselling author Wednesday Martin shows just how an unconditional—and nontraditional—romance transformed the life of a teenage outsider forever.

As an awkward high schooler, Wednesday struggled to find her place in Grand Rapids. Until a handsome senior encouraged her to believe how talented, smart, and wonderfully different she was. Naturally, Wednesday fell for him…He was falling, too. For another boy. Yet this one-sided crush proved life altering, paving the way for a string of “boyfriends” who offered Wednesday something deeper than physical connection.

Boyfriends of Dorothy is part of The Real Thing, a collection of moving, hilarious, and big-hearted essays on the modern realities of friendship, romance, commitment, and love, with art by Geoff McFetridge. Each story can be read—or listened to—in a single sitting.

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