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Title: Wreckers Gate (Immortality and Chaos Book 1)
Author: Eric T Knight
Number of Pages: (298 pages)
Publication date: Thursday February 1, 2018
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Book Review

A forgotten prison. A powerful artifact. An epic tale begins.

When Wulf Rome discovers a mysterious, ancient axe hidden in a deep cavern, the powerful artifact wins him a throne – and unlocks a prison. Melekath and his followers have languished beyond memory for eons, but now the feared Guardians again roam the land, sowing disease and destruction.

The enigmatic stranger Lowellin claims to be immortal. He also claims to bear the world’s only hope: sorely needed weapons to be employed in the war against Melekath. When those weapons prove to be dangerous and unpredictable, Rome soon begins to doubt his true motives.

But with apocalypse looming, Melekath must be stopped, no matter the cost… for where immortality goes, chaos follows.

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