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Title: Witchin' USA (A Moonstone Bay Cozy Mystery Book 1)
Author: Amanda M. Lee
Number of Pages: (308 pages)
Publication date: Sunday December 31, 2017
Publisher: WinchesterShaw Publications
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Book Review

Hadley Hunter has lived a normal life, in a normal suburb, with a normal job and a normal father. All that changes when a grandmother she didn’t even know existed dies and leaves her a fabulous lighthouse on Moonstone Bay Island.
Hadley, ready for an adventure, decides to check things out and finds herself plunged into a world she never envisioned.
From the naked woman swimming in the ocean outside her back door, to the hot sheriff who seems to be hiding a secret, Hadley is intrigued from the start. That’s before magical things start happening – including to Hadley – and a body washes up on the beach.
It seems Moonstone Bay has a killer on the loose … and he may be stalking Hadley, although no one can figure out why.
Things are about to spiral for Moonstone Bay’s newest reluctant – and baffled – witch. She has to learn about the past, investigate the present and hold on to her future for dear life. Along the way she will meet a bevy of new friends who have a few particular abilities … and a lot of really odd quirks.
Set sail for adventure, because once you visit Moonstone Bay, you’ll never be the same again.

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