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Title: Til Death Do Us Trope
Author: Alexa Riley
Number of Pages: (206 pages)
Publication date: Wednesday January 10, 2018
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Book Review

The dictionary defines the word Trope as a common or overused theme or device. A cliche.

We define it as the greatest thing to ever exist.

If you feel the same as us, then come along for the ride! It’s over the top ridiculous fun, and it’s our gift to you. I mean, look at that cover… It’s terribly wonderful!
Warning: We’ve thrown everything (including the kitchen sink) into this book. Please don’t read it with an expectation of a serious romance. It’s meant to be a silly homage to all that we love… and we hope that you feel the same way we do.

BONUS! For a short time we are offering the full story of Mr and Mrs in the back of Til Death Do Us Trope as our gift to you! Trope ends around fifty percent! Thank you to all who read our story each week and asked for more!

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