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Title: The Sensitives: A Demonic Paranormal Horror
Author: Rick Wood
Number of Pages: (206 pages)
Publication date: Friday September 8, 2017
Publisher: Rick Wood Publishing
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Book Review

You're not crazy, you just see dead things

"Why are you so scared?" he asks. "It's just a little girl..."

Oscar is a loser, living with his parents, going nowhere, hooked on anxiety medication.

Then he meets April and Julian, who help him discover that he, like them, is a Sensitive – a person who is paranormally gifted. Oscar greets this news with excitement – maybe he can finally do something with his life.

Then there's Kaylee. The most terrifying ten-year-old girl you will ever meet. A girl that makes hardened police officers run with terror.

As Oscar enters a full-on battle with the demon possessing this girl’s body, he discovers that the use of his gift will require him to go through more terror, and face more evil, than he could ever have possibly imagined…

Discover book one of the terrifying horror series created by the author of The Edward King Series, Rick wood. Download this book now to experience the next level of fear in the world that he has created…

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