The Remorseless Trilogy: British Crime Thrillers Books 1 - 3 (Doc Powers & D.I. Carver Investigate) cover

The Remorseless Trilogy: British Crime Thrillers Books 1 - 3 (Doc Powers & D.I. Carver Investigate) pdf html

Title: The Remorseless Trilogy: British Crime Thrillers Books 1 - 3 (Doc Powers & D.I. Carver Investigate)
Author: Will Patching
Number of Pages: (1042 pages)
Publication date: Saturday July 8, 2017
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Book Review

Have you ever wondered what goes on inside the head of a stone cold killer?

This dark and disturbing British Crime Thriller Trilogy will thrust you deep into the minds of some of the most evil criminal psychopaths you would never wish to meet...

Scott M, a serving UK detective, said reading Remorseless helped him understand his 'clients' better. Steve E, a retired police officer, said, 'One of the best I've read for a while and the psychology was spot on.'

These three gripping tales follow the fortunes of criminal profiler, Doctor Colin Powers, and his colleague-cum-pal, Detective Inspector Jack Carver of London's Metropolitan Police, as they tackle these devious, vicious and highly manipulative individuals.

Remorseless has been awarded the Ebook Skill Mystery & Thriller of the Year, 2017, and was described by one male reader as 'seriously scary' after he had double-checked his door locks while reading alone late one night. 'British crime writing at its best!'

Reading Mutilated, book 2, led a serving police detective to comment that it was 'just like riding with my crew'. Another avid reader said, 'If you thought Remorseless was dark then just wait till you read this! Gritty and graphic hardly describe this taut thriller, it was quite simply unputdownable...'

Gaslighting received rave reviews on launch including this from the Reading Experience book blog: 'Suspense glueing me to the pages, heart beating faster than normal, empathizing with the characters, fearing for them - I knew there wouldn't be an easy happy ending...'

But be warned: these chilling thrillers are written in deep point of view (POV), and therefore contain imagery some readers find disturbing. Certain characters use profanity. Not for the faint-hearted.

As one reader said:

'Patching goes where other authors fear to tread...'

These are also full length novels, averaging over 120,000 words each, with complex characters and intricate plots. If you are looking for a quick read or a light, cozy mystery, then you should look elsewhere!

The trilogy encompasses police procedural, psychological suspense, and out and out balls-to-the-wall thrills.

A roller-coaster ride for any fan of Scandinavian noir and the gritty realism of authors like Chris Carter, Stuart MacBride and Mo Hayder, combined with the thrills and imagination of Stephen King and Lee Child.

Professionals in both law enforcement and psychotherapy have complimented the author on the veracity of his villainous characters - see the testimonials with the Look inside feature, and find more on the author's websites (links on the Author's Amazon Page).

In brief:


In this spine-tingling thriller, criminal profiler Doc Powers learns a psychopathic killer he helped put away is up for parole. Can Doc keep a madman behind bars — while hanging on to his own sanity?


Judy’s missing, Jack’s hunting a sadistic killer his team call ‘The Surgeon’, and Doc has to deal with another raging psychopath from his past...


Billy Leech is now a precocious budding psychopath with revenge in mind, and Doc's life is in danger - again.


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