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Title: The Quilt Maker and the Carpenter (Amish Romance)
Author: Hannah Schrock
Number of Pages: (70 pages)
Publication date: Wednesday June 13, 2018
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Book Review

Sarah Graber grew up on a self sufficient Amish farm with her parents, but supplements the household income by working as a quilt maker in town. She enjoys working for Mary Whittmer, but she enjoys the chance more of seeing Mary's son Mervin everyday as he works the woodwork shop alongside. Before long, Mervin starts noticing Sarah and he soon starts walking her home after her day's work.

Unfortunately, Mervin had inadvertently involved himself in the Englisch world in a nearby town. When Sarah accompanied him to the flea market in town, they were disconcerted to be under the constant and eerie eye of a very odd looking, dark Englisch girl over a period of weeks. It is this girl, Katie who Sarah seeks out for answers when Mervin goes missing after a trip to town.

Their future is changed instantly and Sarah finds out just how malleable she can be. What role does the curiosity that is Katie play in Mervin's life as a young Amish man? Who wants to harm them and why? Can they survive the evil that awaits beyond their peaceful Amish existence?

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