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Title: The O Coach
Author: Tara Wylde
Number of Pages:
Publication date: Thursday April 5, 2018
Publisher: Red Cape Romance
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My dirty little secret slipped out.
I’ve never had an “O”…
Now a mysterious stranger is making me an offer…
And I can't wait to say: Yes!

My name? Mr. No “O.”
I specialize in women's secrets.
No shame. No guilt. No rules. Well… One rule.
No touching.
I can't risk being hurt again.
I'll get you off. That's a promise. But only through the phone.
You'll never see me, never know who I am.
But that's what makes it so good.
I learned Erin's secret along with the rest of the world,
And promised to help her.
The closer Erin gets, the closer I come to forgetting my grief.
Maybe I deserve be touched…
Maybe t’s time Erin screamed my real name.
Mr. Oh-Oh-Oh My God…

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