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Title: The Never-Ending War: Terrorism in the 80s
Author: Ronald Payne and Christopher Dobson
Number of Pages: (356 pages)
Publication date: Tuesday September 22, 2015
Publisher: Endeavour Press
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Book Review

‘The Never-Ending War’ is a vivid and insightful study into the activities, tactics and techniques used by the forces of terrorism, first published in 1989.

Using their many years’ experience covering the terrorism scene, Payne and Dobson explore the careers of feared terrorist such as “Carlos”, as well as groups and the “state patrons of terror” who were prominent during the 1980s.

Although their focus is on this decade, the picture they describe is chillingly familiar: from the war-torn countries of northern Africa and the Middle East to the streets and airports of Europe and America, our way of life is threatened.

In addition, the development of states’ counter-terrorism measures are charted alongside the terrorist groups, tackling each with crisp clarity.

An ideal book for both students’ research and for those with an interest in the subject’s wellsprings towards the end of the last century.

Praise for ‘The Never-Ending War’:

“An excellent, well-written book on terrorism … I strongly recommend that anyone who has a serious interest in terrorism obtain a copy.” — Col. Charles A. Beckwith (Ret.) Former commander, Delta Force

“For a comprehensive grasp of the activities, tactics and techniques employed by modern-day terrorists, this book is enthusiastically recommended for both civilian and military readers.” — Military Review

“Students researching terrorism and readers who are concerned with this threat that seems to be encroaching ever closer to the United States will find this to be a particularly informative book.” — School Library Journal

Christopher Dobson (1927-) and Ronald Payne (1926-2013), renowned foreign correspondents, lecturers, broadcasters and authors, were frequent collaborators on a number of journalistic assignments throughout Europe and the Middle East, starting with the Yom Kippur War. Together they wrote a number of popular books on terrorism, espionage and conflict, as well as penning their own individual works in the field.

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