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Title: The Memory Palace - Learn Anything and Everything (Starting With Shakespeare and Dickens) (Faking Smart Book 1)
Author: Lewis Smile
Number of Pages: (66 pages)
Publication date: Monday April 16, 2012
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#1 Kindle Bestseller in "Memory Improvement" -, June, July, August, September, October 2012
#1 Featured book in "Hot New Releases" for "Memory Improvement" -, April 2012

Learn Anything And Everything. Starting Now.

Install Knowledge Into Your Brain Using The Very Same Memory Technique Used By The World's Top Memorizers.

  • What if you were suddenly granted the ability to download and install vast sums of knowledge into your brain...

  • What would you learn if you discovered your memory bank wasn't a tiny cupboard but was in fact an enormous warehouse?

  • What would you learn if you could cram your mind full of facts and figures?

  • How many people could you impress with your encyclopaedic knowledge of a subject they assume you know nothing about?

  • Are you studying for an exam and want a better way to remember important information?

Starting here, with the list of Shakespeare's 37 plays (in chronological order of course), and the novels of Charles Dickens, you will learn how to commit endless amounts of data to memory. Half an hour from the instant you start reading this book you will be able to recite, forwards and backwards, the titles of all of Shakespeare's plays... BUT THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING.

Through actual demonstration, you will have mastery of a technique that will allow you to do this with any topic of your choosing.

The Memory Grand Masters

The Memory Palace technique of memorizing is at least 2500 years old and relies solely on utilising your brain's natural strengths. Also known as the Journey Method, or the Method of Loci, the Memory Palace technique is used by every top memorizer in the world.

Inspired by the teachings of top memorizers, 'The Memory Palace' is your introduction and practical guide to storing and retrieving anything in that beautiful head of yours.

EXTRACT from "The Memory Palace - Learn Anything And Everything"

"Do you know all of Charles Dickens' novels? Do you know all of Shakespeare's plays? Do you know the world's longest rivers? The most-populated countries? Can you name every President the United States has ever had? Can you list the entire British Monarchy all the way back in time to 757AD? Can you reel off the geological time periods? Can you name every 'Best Picture' Oscar Winning Movie since 1928? Can you reproduce the Periodic Table of Elements if asked to do so?

If not, why not?

Well, probably because you haven't fed the information into your brain in a way it can remember.

Instead of having memories "in there somewhere", with everything in your head swirling around like a shaken cocktail, you will have an organised library of information. Learning in this way means when you come to recall something, you go to exactly where that memory is stored inside your head. You can even look around at the related memories.

A Memory Palace makes memories accessible, clear, vivid, and most importantly, unforgettable."

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