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Title: The Deepest State: A Satirical Epic
Author: Oliver Willis
Number of Pages: (46 pages)
Publication date: Wednesday January 24, 2018
ASIN: B0799Q4PL1
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Book Review

A conspiracy so vast, so immense, so epic. Donald Trump. Ivanka Trump. Hillary Clinton. Oprah. Barack Obama. Paul Ryan. Joe Biden. John Kerry. And a cast of thousands as the story behind the headlines you can't believe is exposed. Part political thriller, part soap opera, partially insane. The Deepest State was a viral hit - and this edition has the EXCLUSIVE, never before seen short story, "Enter the Bidenverse."

Here's what they're saying about The Deepest State:

"One of the greatest threads in Twitter history" – Richard Metzger
"An amazing read" – A. Whitney Brown
"Just keeps getting more amazing" – Jon Cryer
"Amazing well written and riveting" – Merrill Markoe
"This… is glorious" – Joy Reid
"Epic, epic thread" – Jill Lawrence
"A Twitter thread for the ages" – Marsha Warfield
"Fucking brilliant" – Jeff Jarvis
"Fantastic." – Steven Boyer
"The most gorgeous thing I have read in a long time" – Penelope Patsuris
"Good times" – Eliza Skinner
"Comedy gold" – PJ Manney

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