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Title: The Baby Bump
Author: Tara Wylde
Number of Pages:
Publication date: Friday May 18, 2018
ASIN: B07D5P5269
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She gave me her body, all I gave her was a lie.
My secrets are hurting us, and I have to tell.
I don't care if I'm her boss.
I'm making her employee of the month.

My billions buy whatever I want.
And right now I want Cassie.
If she finds out I'm her undercover boss, I could lose my company.
But maybe she's worth it.
An airline pilot and a single mom,
Her hot curves and sassy mouth drive me crazy.
We got bumped on our flight back and spent a hot night together.
Touching... tasting... submitting.
Now she's pregnant with my twins.
I have to stay away, but everything is pushing me close.
F*ck the money. I won't let my family go.
I've already marked Cassie as mine,
Now I just need to show her who's really boss.

I'd rather lose my company than lose my family.

Tara thinks that romance novels aren't worth reading unless they've got a happy ending, that cheating is just plain wrong, and that you deserve a few extra bonus novels!

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