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Title: Solving Product Design Exercises: Questions & Answers
Author: Artiom Dashinsky
Number of Pages: (156 pages)
Publication date: Wednesday February 7, 2018
Publisher: Independently published
ASIN: 1977000428
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Book Review

Practice your product design and UX skills. Prepare for your next job interview.

Redesign the NYC metrocard system. Design a dashboard for a general practitioner. Redesign an ATM.

Learn how to solve and present exercises like these, that top startups use to interview designers for product design and UI/UX roles.

Today top companies are looking for business-minded designers who are not just focused on visuals. With this book you can practice this kind of mindset, prepare for job interview, learn how to interview other designers and find concepts for projects for your portfolio.

What will you learn from this book:

  • Prepare for the design interview — prepare for the design exercise and learn more about how tech companies hire product designers.
  • Improve your portfolio — use product challenges to showcase in your porfolio instead of unsolicited visual redesigns.
  • Step up your design career — practice your product design skills to become a better designer and prepare for your next career move.
  • Interview designers — learn how to interview designers to evaluate their skills in the most efficient and scalable way.

What’s inside?

  • A 7-step framework for solving product design exercises
  • 30+ examples of exercises similar to exercises used by Google, Facebook, Amazon etc.
  • 5 full solutions for product design exercises
  • 5 short interviews with design leaders that worked at Apple, Google, Pinterest, IDEO etc.

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