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Title: She Wanted A Boss, but Fell for A Savage
Author: Lucinda John
Number of Pages: (175 pages)
Publication date: Tuesday June 12, 2018
Publisher: Shan Presents, LLC
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Book Review

Osari “O” Dixon and Kalani “Kid” Dixon are living proof that being brought into the world with mothers that held a strong addiction to crack, could still live lavishly. Even though the sisters didn’t share the same mother that didn’t come between the strong bond they formed. Together they’ve reached every milestone in life enduring every obstacle thrown their way. When tragedy strikes in more ways than one they find themselves caregivers to their two younger siblings while trying to take on life’s challenges.

Osari is a strong, beautiful woman with the worse case of luck when it comes to finding the right man. All she ever wanted was a boss that she could evolve with only to end up with scrubs. Swearing men off O focuses on working towards her and her sister’s dream goal of owning a storefront to their online boutique while caring for her little brother and sister.

Kalani has been holding down her high school sweet heart, Money, for the last five years while he does his bid. When Money’s bad behavior earns him more time behind bars Kid vows to do her own thing until he can get it right long enough to return home to her. When a small fling turns into a full blown affair, Kid finds herself in a deadly situation with no way out.

Ace, the leader of the infamous gang, THB, Trill Haitian Boys, decides to step down from his street ways to become a family man. When his wife leaves him to pick up the pieces with her first love he moves back home to the very same stomping grounds he vowed to stay away from. As the CEO/ Founder of the prominent business, Drippin’ Ice, Ace does everything in his power to stay away from the streets no matter how loudly they whisper his name. With a cold heart, Ace turns off his ability to care for any woman that is until he cross path with a lost soul.

In this gritty hood tale, there’s no limit one will reach to get what they want.

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