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Title: Savages: A Reverse Harem Romance
Author: Loki Renard
Number of Pages: (165 pages)
Publication date: Saturday June 9, 2018
Publisher: Stormy Night Publications
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Out here beyond the wall, men take what they want.

I was warned. I was told what the savages in the wild lands outside the city would do to a girl like me, how they would ravish me, share me, and shame me. I should have listened...

Once I left home, I didn't even last a day on my own. With a bear set on making me his next meal, it took four fearsome beasts of men to save my life. But the rugged, battle-hardened brutes who rescued me have no intention of letting me go. I belong to them now, and they are more than ready to strip me bare and punish me as sternly as needed to teach me my place.

They have claimed me, but they will not merely use my virgin body for their pleasure. They are going to breed me. They'll take me hard and often, sometimes one at a time and sometimes several at once, until they've mastered me so completely that I can't help begging for more.

Publisher's Note: Savages includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

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