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Title: Persuasive Presentations
Author: Robert W. Bly
Number of Pages: (169 pages)
Publication date: Tuesday August 15, 2017
Publisher: New Word City, Inc.
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Robert Bly, presenter extraordinaire, reveals the secrets for winning a room and closing a deal in any forum - seminars, podcasts, webinars, interviews, and meetings. Revealing surefire techniques for organizing and delivering a superior presentation, Bly teaches how to erase fear and nerves and turn a stiff speech into a comfortable conversation with colleagues or clients, leaving them nodding in agreement and ready to take action.


• The No.1 secret of successful persuasive speaking

• The most common audience "hot buttons"

• How to work engaging content into a presentation

• The "3 T's" speaking formula

• The truth about presentation tools - what works and what doesn't

• The 3 points to hit in the first five minutes of any presentation

• Involvement and interactivity techniques to revive and captivate any audience

• The 7 worst speaker habits and how to eliminate them

• How to tailor content, pace, and delivery to ensure stellar evaluations and ideal results

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