The Art of Fire Emblem: Awakening cover
Book Review

The Art of Fire Emblem Awakening contains an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at the smash-hit 3DS game, from beautifully illustrated renditions of your favorite characters, to storyboards for in-game events, character designs, weapon designs, character profiles, and the entirety of the script with every possible branch of dialogue! Relive some of the most poignant moments of the game, or see what might have been if you had made different in-game decisions with the Art of Fire Emblem Awakening!...
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Amazon Echo Dot: Amazon Dot Advanced User Guide (2017 Updated): Step-by-Step Instructions to Enrich Your Smart Life! (Amazon Echo, Dot, Echo Dot, Amazon Echo User Manual, Echo Dot ebook, Amazon Dot) cover
Book Review

Don’t Spend HOURS trying to figure out AMAZON ECHO DOT!

Go from Beginner to EXPERT in 60 minutes

  • Do you want to Buy Amazon Echo Dot and curious to understand how this device will add more convenience to your Life ?

  • Have you bought Echo Dot already and now wondering how to convert this cute little Hockey Puck into your personal assistant?

  • Maybe you have read a few Echo Dot guide books but all you got was stale information wrapped in fluffy jargon loaded words?

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How will this Book help you?

  • This book will take you from beginner to an Echo Dot EXPERT in less that 60 MINUTES.

  • You will setup Echo Dot and start using all your Smart Devices and Applications EFFORTLESSLY.

  • You will learn all the latest ADVANCED HACKS known to Expert Echo Dot Users.

  • And most of all, you will SAVE HOURS running errands and you will control your home and work life from a simple voice command “Alex...
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Temple Run 1: Unofficial Underground Tips & Secrets Guide cover
Book Review

Temple Run is one of the latest action packed Travel Games that has taken the market by storm. It’s been largely successful because it is loaded with exciting features, filled with anticipating twists and caters to a large audience of all ages. All in all, the game is an absolute showstopper on all counts.

Temple Run is surely one game that you can’t put down once you start playing it. Its addictive nature is what that has resulted in its massive appeal and popularity across the globe. With so much to offer, Temple Run is an exciting sensation that is deemed impossible to let go.

If you are one of those lovers of this game who are always looking forward to breaking high scores and accomplishing new milestones, you have come to the right place! This Game Book will prove to be a treasure trove of knowledge for you, whether you are a beginner at the game or a seasoned pro.

Start at the basics, learn what the game is all about and then decide how can you get the most out of it. Proceed on to cheats, tips, hints and tricks that can truly intensify your gaming experience to the max and let you enjoy the adventure to the fullest. Impress and wow...
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Master Evernote: The Unofficial Guide to Organizing Your Life with Evernote (Plus 75 Ideas for Getting Started) cover
Book Review

Learn How a Simple App Can Organize Your Life

Do you have way too much on your plate? Start getting things done with ease using S.J. Scott's actionable guide that has over 100 five-star Amazon reviews!

Between work, TV, social media, and advertising, life feels too crazy to keep track of what's truly important. Organizing ideas and taking action seems impossible in a noisy, busy world. Finally, there's a way to fix this problem without breaking the bank: The Evernote App.

Evernote is the Solution to "Life Clutter"

You used to need a complex filing cabinet system and top-notch organizational skills to keep up with all your "life clutter." You hoped to organize your important facts, thoughts, and ideas through a series of notebooks and scraps of paper.

When you learn how to use Evernote, however, you can leave those disorganized days in the past. Evernote is both the perfect idea capturing mechanism and a place to store all of your important thoughts, documents, and future plans. In S.J. Scott's latest habit book, Master Evernote, you'll learn how to replace your old outdated system and move into the future of organization...
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New Kindle Fire HD Manual: The Complete User Guide With Instructions, Tutorial to Unlock The True Potential of Your Device in 30 Minutes (Feb 2018) cover
Book Review

Are you looking for a kindle fire HD guide that could help you get the most out of your device?

Whether you own the older version or the second generation of the tablet, the Kindle Fire HD Manual will get you up and running the right way fast. You'll also learn tips and tricks to help you unlock the true potential of your device.

Here are just some of the essentials you'll learn from this book:

- Master the settings of your Kindle Fire HD device
- Drastically reduce charge time & boost battery life
- Setting up and using wireless networks
- Utilizing security features to safeguard your device
- Increase productivity: Skype, Email, Cloud Storage, Reading Documents, File Explorer
- Sync your Kindle Fire HD to your computer, transfer your music and video seamlessly
- Enhance your shopping and entertainment experience on Amazon

and more...

Kindle Fire HD Manual: The Complete Guide To Getting The Most Out Of Your Kindle Device is a comprehensive step-by-step, no fluff guide to help you master your device in no time.

Get it while it's still available at this low pri...
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Amazon Echo: 2017 Edition - User Guide and Manual - Learn It Live It Love It cover
Book Review

Unleash the Full Power of Your Amazon Echo!

How is this book different than all the others?

Amazon Echo: The Ultimate Guide To Amazon Echo – 2017 Edition offers actionable information about this amazing voice-driven device! Unlike other books on this subject, Amazon Echo is comprehensive, up-to-date, and easy-to-read!

Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited – Download Now!

What is the Amazon Echo?

The Echo is a voice-commanded smart speaker. It’s compatible with a vast array of other electronics and online platforms. It can answer questions, control smart devices, play music, and more. It responds to the names “Echo” and “Alexa”.

What does this book offer?

Amazon Echo: The Ultimate Guide To Amazon Echo – 2017 Edition explains how you can best use the Echo’s wealth of powerful features:

  • Setting Up Your Echo for the First Time

  • Interacting Verbally with Alexa

  • Setting Up Pandora on Your Echo

  • Connecting your Google Calendar to Your Echo

  • Amazon Echo IF...
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