One Call Away: Answering Life's Challenges with Unshakable Faith cover
Book Review

What can you do when your well-laid plans fall apart and life takes an unexpected turn?

Brenda Warner is best known as the outspoken wife of NFL superstar and Dancing with the Stars alum Kurt Warner. But years earlier, she found herself living through any woman’s nightmare: a healthy baby tragically injured in the bathtub; a sudden end to a career she loved; betrayal and divorce; poverty; public humiliation; a deadly natural disaster that destroyed her foundation and shook her to her core. One shattering phone call at a time, Brenda Warner’s life came to resemble little of her dream.

But each time her plans fell apart, Brenda faced a choice: to collapse in the face of tragedy or press forward and survive. She chose to keep going. In the process, she’s learned that the unexpected is only one call away. Her story provides hope and encouragement for anyone facing life’s challenges and shows us that our circumstances don’t tell us who we are, nor are they a measure of God’s love. God has a plan for us, even when our plans fail. Brenda’s life is proof that sometimes the best dreams are not the ones we dream, but the ones that come true when we le...
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My Oh My: The Dave Niehaus Story cover
Book Review

The biography of Hall of Fame baseball broadcaster, Dave Niehaus. This reverent reflection on his life and work begins in his childhood and takes us through his celebrated career. Dave Niehaus made history behind a radio microphone on April 6, 1977, calling the Seattle Mariners first Major League Baseball® game in the Seattle Kingdome. For more than three decades in Seattle, until his death in 2010, his lyrical play-by-play was a nightly inspiration to the fans. Through seasons good and bad, whether attendance rose or fell at the ballpark, his rock-solid radio and television ratings always reflected a simple truth: Niehaus was universally loved by everyone associated with Mariner baseball. An Indiana native who became a celebrated sports figure in the Pacific Northwest, Niehaus earned his reputation as one of the finest announcers in the game. His career spanned more than a half-century, beginning at Indiana University and continuing through stints with the Armed Forces Television and Radio Service and the California Angels. His impressive resume included UCLA football and basketball as well as Los Angeles Rams football. His excellence and dedication to his craft culminate...
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Warren Sharp's 2017 Football Preview cover
Book Review

Simply the best, analytical 2017 football preview you can buy

Welcome to previewing the NFL through a lens you’ve never witnessed before. Warren Sharp’s 236-page full color 2017 Football Preview is unlike anything you have seen before. Stunning visualizations built with the reader in mind and innovative, next level thought process abound in every team chapter and article. This book shares insights into the players, coaches, teams and philosophies with one goal in mind: to get you prepared for the 2017 season by delivering the smartest information in the fastest, most direct way possible for optimal reviewing and retention.

PDF copy here:

Every key element you would want to study is included, such as Fantasy Football (player profiles, ranks & visualizations), Vegas Odds (forecast team wins, division rankings, lines for all 2017 games), Coaching (strategic advice for teams, real vs optimal play calling analysis & uncovering team tendencies) and Front Office Analysis (positional spending, roster construction & cap analysis). Team chapters are detailed and intelligently organized for a massive revolution in reader understandi...
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Tree of Ages (The Tree of Ages Series Book 1) cover
Book Review

A tree’s memory is long. Magic’s memory is longer, and far more dangerous.

After a century spent as a tree, Finn awakens into a world she no longer recognizes. In fact, she barely even recognizes herself. Now she seeks answers. Who is she, and why did she return to the world of man? More importantly, why is there a bounty on her head?

As Finn takes to the road, others are drawn into her life, as if by fate. Historians, scholars, thieves in disguise, and Iseult, a mercenary of few words whose silent stare seems to lay Finn’s soul bare.

Dangers faced unleash a wild magic Finn never knew she possessed. Dark forces haunt her steps, stalking Finn for the knowledge locked away in her mind. Before the end, she will discover which proves the ultimate danger: The bounty on her head, or the perilous, forgotten truth buried within her memory.
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Orphans In the Black: A Space Opera Anthology cover

Orphans In the Black: A Space Opera Anthology html

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Book Review

We’re all Orphans in the Black …

Strap yourself in for nineteen thrilling short stories of space pirates, time travelers, aliens, AI, and more! Meet determined heroes forging their own path through the universe, men and women who won’t go down without a fight.

Be transported to fantastical new worlds by award winning and bestselling authors. Download this exclusive collection today.

The Stories:
A Simple Thing ~ by Amy J. Murphy
Note to Self ~ by Joseph Lallo
Gravitational Pull ~ by Christine Pope
Autoscopy ~ by Matt Verish
Fog of War ~ by Chris Reher
The Alien ~ by Kay McSpadden
No Eye in Emily ~ by Patty Jansen
Void Mage ~ by Chris Fox
Lost Souls and Other Anomalies ~ by Christopher Holliday
Spacer ~ by J.A. Sutherland
Murphy’s Star ~ by C. Gockel
Interference ~ by Michelle Diener

Stowaway ~ by Anthea Sharp
In the Clutch ~ by LJ Cohen
Iron Lazarus ~ by David Adams
Dreams in the Dust ~ by Richard Tongue
Freedom? ~ by M.R. Forbes
Combat Support ~ by Lindsay Buroker
The Last Astronaut ~ by Chris Dietzel

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Unbreakable cover

Unbreakable html

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Book Review

Celia has never set foot outside the towering walls of her town. All she knows of the outside world is a mysterious audience that files through the gates once a week to watch her and the other residents attempt to break world records.

Celia’s record-breaking feats require an iron will more than any special talent, and she will need every ounce of that will when she escapes her town to help a dying friend, because outside the walls lies a shocking truth.

Accompanied by a tall, scarred stranger, and a hostile clown whose brightly-colored face makeup does not wash off, Celia confronts an enemy that will test her limits and threaten the survival of everyone she loves.

Fans of The Maze Runner and The Hunger Games will love this explosive, action-packed dystopian thriller from Hugo Award winning science fiction author Will McIntosh....
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The Melted Sea (The Tree of Ages Series Book 2) cover
Book Review

War is coming. With the reappearance of the Tuatha De, the countryside is thrown into chaos. Entire villages have been obliterated. Magic users are suffering persecution along with the Faie, leaving droves of refugees to wait outside the gates of the great cities, hoping for the acceptance that will never come.

After a brief reunion with her companions, Finn is stolen away during the night by an unseen foe. Lost and alone, she must put her trust in a stranger if she hopes to reach Migris alive. Yet, nothing is as it seems, and those she trusts most, may very well be the ones to betray her....
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Billionaires On the Beach: The Anderson Brothers cover

Billionaires On the Beach: The Anderson Brothers html

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Book Review

Secret heirs, friends with benefits, hot nannies, irresistible rivals, and fake relationships … falling in love isn’t easy for five sexy, billionaire brothers.

Enjoy hot days and hotter nights on Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina with the billionaire Anderson brothers in this series of five steamy, original novellas from USA Today bestselling authors Elizabeth Lennox and Noelle Adams, as well as Leslie North, Lizabeth Scott, and Gloria Silk.

All profits from Billionaires on the Beach will be donated to Breast Cancer Awareness.

The Billionaire’s Mistake by Elizabeth Lennox – Marie didn’t have time for a romance, but when Sloan Anderson walked into her coffee shop, all of her friends decided that it was time for her to fall in love. Even her dog was in on the matchmaking! Unfortunately, no one bothered to tell her heart that Sloan Anderson was a lying, horrible, son of a…No way was she going to fall for a man who was going to foreclose on her store!

Her Reluctant Billionaire by Noelle Adams - Katie has been friends with Logan Anderson for four years. He might be a smart, funny, adorable billionaire, but after her work as a div...
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