Kiss My Bundt: Recipes from the Award-Winning Bakery cover
Book Review

Featuring more than 60 made-from-scratch recipes, this guide provides instruction to re-create the award-winning cakes from the Kiss My Bundt bakery in Los Angeles. Including recipes for champagne celebration cake, sour cream pound cake, lemon basil bundt, bacon cake with bacon sprinkles, and many vegan recipes as well, it also reveals the bakery’s approach to developing new cake flavors and provides techniques for trying this at home....
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THE INSTANT POT PRESSURE COOK BOOK: Quick And Healthy Meals For All Occasions cover
Book Review

Quick and Healthy Recipes For Everyone

Variety of Recipes Suitable for All Occasions. Perfect for Tired and Busy People
The book includes a free gift "Feed your family with a healthy food on budget"

Start your day with healthy meal Now!

Do you need smart recipes for your pressure cooker? Do you want to have daily nutrition table?

The Instant Pot Pressure Cook Book has everything you need to enjoy meals for all occasions in your life. quick, healthy, easy to prepare recipes, starting from everyday to celebration meals. This amazing book contains user manual and important tips as well, enjoy.

Preview of The Instant Pot Pressure Cook Book:

  • Healthy meals: 80 pressure cooker recipes

  • Calorie Table

  • Daily Nutrition Table

  • User Guide for Instant Pot

  • Safety Tips

  • Free Gift Inside:"Feed your family with healthy foods on budget"

Scroll up and Click Buy Now to make amazing and healthy dishes in no time. A F...
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Cold Night Warm Belly: 35 Chicken, Beef, and Pork Slow Cooker Recipes For the Meat Lover (Cold Night Warm Belly Slow Cooker Recipes) cover
Book Review

You and your family deserve warm bellies on cold nights!

Welcome to the world of slow cooking, where delicious healthy meals magically appear with only minimal effort! In this edition of Cold Night Warm Belly Paul Allen reveals 35 delicious chicken, beef, pork (and some lamb too) slow cooker meals for the meat lover. Perfect for carnivores, these recipes are just the ticket to satisfy the hungry bellies of you and your family.

After a long day who wants to slave over a stove? Kick back and relax while your slow cooker does all of the work! Buy your copy today and remember that a warm belly is a happy belly....
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Electric Pressure Cooker:  365 Quick & Easy, One Pot, Pressure Cooker Recipes For Easy Meals cover
Book Review


*** Read For Free with Kindle Unlimited. Also as a Special Thank-you for Your Purchase Today, You'll Receive a FREE BONUS At The End of Your Book***

If you want to prepare amazingly delicious pressure cooker meals for EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR, then this recipe book is for you....

Throughout this book, you will find a little something for everyone no matter who you are cooking for or what event you are trying to cater. From simple and quick soups to delicious dinners and more, there are 365 electric pressure cooker recipes listed throughout this book that will satisfy any type of eater!

To Get Started, Scroll Up And Grab Your Copy! Download Now--

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100 Easy Recipes In Jars cover
Book Review

The most innovative way to give gifts from your kitchen. 100 Easy Recipes In Jars is a collection of easy to make, delicious jar recipes that will make a big dent in your holiday gift giving list.

100 Easy Recipes In Jars includes recipes for cookies, beverages, bars and snacks. There is also a tasty assortment of muffins, breads and hearty soups that everyone will enjoy.

The recipes use simple ingredients to create a homemade meal or snack that’s as easy to use as a store-bought mix. You do the hard part, while the recipient sits back and enjoys.

As an added bonus, readers have access to more than 2000 online labels and recipe cards to decorate and personalize their handcrafted gift. These handsome, professionally designed templates can be used to add a personal touch and create a one of a kind gift that will be the highlight of any occasion....
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Barbecue! Bible Sauces, Rubs, and Marinades, Bastes, Butters, and Glazes: Sauces, Rubs and Marinades cover
Book Review

Marinate skewers of beef tips in Tex-Mex Tequila-Jalapeno Wet Rub before putting them on the grill. Or slather pork chops with B.B. Lawnside Spicy Apple Barbecue Sauce. Or coax a chicken breast to perfection with a Coconut Curry Baste. From Steven Raichlen, author of the big, bad, definitive BARBECUE! BIBLE, comes BARBECUE! BIBLE SAUCES, RUBS, AND MARINADES, BASTES, BUTTERS & GLAZES, an in-depth celebration of those cornerstones on which unforgettable live-fire flavors are built.

Here are fiery spice mixtures for massaging into food, sensuous bastes to be brushed on like lacquer, killer marinades, sugary glazes, tangy mops from award-winning barbecue teams, and dozens of sauces, from the classic tomato-based American Sweet and Smoky to a bold Moroccan Charmoula with its medley of fresh herbs and spices.

In all, 200 recipes cover the gamut. But BARBECUE! BIBLE SAUCES aims even higher - offering a serious education in flavor. Big flavor. It tells how to use a mortar and pestle to maximize fresh garlic and onions. How to create a failproof fish cure and radically improve home-smoked fish. The best way to handle a Scotch bonnet chili to reap its heat and savor wi...
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Fruit Infused Water: 98 Delicious Recipes for Your Fruit Infuser Water Pitcher cover
Book Review

Food coach Susan Marque shares simple, fun-to-sip recipes to quench your thirst and keep you healthy

Curious about incorporating fruit infused water into your daily routine? Looking to swap sugary drinks for the hydrating health benefits of water infusions?

Fruit Infused Water
is the perfect place to start. Packed with mouth-watering recipes and easy-to-follow instructions, Fruit Infused Water preps you for including fruit infused water in your diet—whether you own a fruit infuser water pitcher or a simple glass jar. Build from the basics then advance to endless mix-and-match flavors and inventive fruit infused water recipes.

Squeeze the most out of every drop, with:
* 98 flavorful fruit infused water recipes, like Basil Mint Infusion
* 10 must-have tips for making foolproof fruit infused water
* On-the-go guidelines for bringing your fruit infused water wherever your day takes you
* 10 tasty snack ideas for your leftover fruit (fruit sushi rolls, anyone?)

From one-step infusions to creative combinations, there’s something for everyone in Fruit Infused Water, your best resource for enjoying your H20 to th...
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Paleo For Beginners: Paleo Diet - The Complete Guide To Paleo - Paleo Cookbook, Paleo Recipes, Paleo Weight Loss (Clean Eating) cover
Book Review

Look and Feel Great with the Paleo Lifestyle!

Read today for FREE on your PC, Mac, Smartphone, Tablet, or Kindle Device!

Do you consume too many carbs?

Are you tired filling your body with chemicals every time you eat processed foods?

Is it time to lose weight, get healthy, and give your family the best possible nutrition?

If so, Paleo for Beginners is the book you’ve been waiting for. This comprehensive guide to the Paleo lifestyle explains the ins and outs of the Paleo diet. Inside, you’ll learn how to get the diet humans evolved to consume, cut out gluten, and sculpt a fit, healthy body. When you replace the toxins found in grains and processed foods with a natural, well-rounded diet, you’ll be amazed at how great you can feel!

Paleo for Beginners explains why your body needs a diet full of tasty fruits, nuts, tubers, and naturally-raised animal products. It also explains which processed, nonorganic, and processed foods you must stop eating – immediately!

Since you’re probably wondering how to fit this diet into your everyday life, ...
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