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Title: Manhunt (Mason Black Book 3)
Author: Adam Nicholls
Number of Pages: (288 pages)
Publication date: Monday February 26, 2018
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Book Review

Your past stays with you. Peace doesn't.

After coming to terms with his troubled past, Mason Black has found balance between his family and his career as a private investigator. For the first time in his life everything is going well - until Chris Healy arrives at the office.

Three members of his family are reported missing, and Mason is hired to find them. But when a body is found with a message written just for him, Mason discovers the survivors were kidnapped by a man known only as Anarchy, who will stop at nothing as he forces Mason to play his twisted game.

Mason Black returns for his final case, and this time he's up against a man with no rules, no morals, and no mercy. The end of the series is a home stretch packed with thrills and kills that'll have you ridden with anxiety until the very last page.

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