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Title: Lusam: The Dragon Mage Wars Book Five
Author: Dean Cadman
Number of Pages: (582 pages)
Publication date: Tuesday October 3, 2017
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Book Review

After failing to completely close The Rift, Lusam and Neala travel south in search of the illusive Pearl Isle, where they hope to discover the fourth Guardian book, and return in time to try again. Time, however, is not on their side, as the dark God, Aamon, sets in motion a plan to restore his own power, and once again tear open The Rift to unleash the horrors of the Netherworld upon their world. Aysha's new inability to see his destiny, along with her prophetic warnings about a hidden realm and Neala's certain death if she enters it, all weigh heavily on Lusam's mind. Old friendships are rekindled, and new ones forged along the way, some more strange than they could ever have imagined. And a new discovery is made, one so profound that it will change Lusam's life forever, as well as rewrite the very history of Afaraon.

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