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Title: Loving You Without Limits 2
Author: Diamond Johnson
Number of Pages: (190 pages)
Publication date: Sunday April 8, 2018
Publisher: Leo Sullivan Presents
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Book Review

One would think that with all Rodney Wiggins has endured, the constant heartbreak would finally come to an end. Even with him now on a straight path and finding love, hurtful things continue to happen to him. What is a man supposed to do when he finds out that the little boy he’s been raising for the past ten years doesn’t even belong to him? With Deqavious now knowing that he’s actually the biological father of Rodney Jr, how can this situation end?

Then, there’s Troy, who’s foolishly in love with a man that’s going to run her to the ground if she lets him. She’ll soon find out that Abdulla isn’t the sexy, charming, rapper that she thought he was all this time. In fact, she’ll see a side of him that she never even knew existed. In the end, she’ll want what she can no longer have because she knows that he used to be her protector, and that protector is Rodney. Will Rodney be willing to throw everything away that he and Eva are trying to build and attempt to rekindle things with Troy?

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