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Title: I Got Love For A Carolina Hustla 3
Author: Nikki Brown
Number of Pages:
Publication date: Monday June 4, 2018
Publisher: Supreme Works Publications
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Book Review

In this last installment of I Got Love For A Carolina Hustla, the Sharp brothers are hit with a ton of family secrets that threaten to tear them down along with everything they’ve built including their relationships with Ocean and River.

Times like this you would think that a family would come together but Cherice has an agenda of her own. Number one on the list is making sure that Lucas paid for the murder of her beloved Bryce. She is determined to avenge Bryce’s death until the gun is turned on her and she then needs her family's help. Will they do to her what she’s done to them so many times before and turn their back on her or will they finally prove to her that there is no love like a brother’s love?

When the sky opens up and drama comes pouring down will they be able to fight through the storm and make it out together? Find out as Ocean and River embark on the journey to finding out what it takes to love a Carolina Hustla.

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