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Title: His Little Bad Girl (Innocence Claimed Book 1)
Author: Madison Faye
Number of Pages: (121 pages)
Publication date: Saturday October 7, 2017
ASIN: B0769328WL
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Book Review

She's mine, she just doesn’t know it yet.

Her name is Tempest Kensington.

She’s never been touched.

She’s my student, and I want to know how sweet she tastes when she’s claimed for the first time.

I’m her headmaster. I’m twenty years older than her. But damn the implications. Screw the consequences. I know I’m blurring the lines, but I. Do. Not. Care.

Tempest Kensington is a grade-A brat. And she’s about to get a very thick, very firm dose of my discipline – over my knee and on hers.

Barely appropriate. Entirely off-limits. My temptation, my addiction, my obsession. My ruin, in a plaid skirt and knee-high socks.

It’s time for this little tease to learn exactly what happens to bad girls who look for trouble.

Sweet, filthy, and oh-so-wrong in the best kind of way. If you’re looking for something extra hot and wildly over-the-top, this one’s for you! Utterly obsessed alpha hero, sassy, untouched heroine, and enough insta-love, kindle-melting steam, and sugary-sweetness to make you beg for more. HEA with NO CHEATING!

For a very limited time, this book includes TWO other books of mine as a thank you for reading! Please note that His Little Bad Girl ends at around the 30% mark in this book.

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