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Title: Getting Lucky
Author: Daryl Banner
Number of Pages: (429 pages)
Publication date: Thursday February 15, 2018
Publisher: Frozenfyre Publishing
ASIN: B079VF124G
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Book Review

He was my fantasy. I was his way out. Now I'm serving this young muscle god's every desire and I can't get enough.

GETTING LUCKY, a #1 bestseller in Gay Romance and Gay Literary Fiction, is a steam-packed, angsty male/male love story about a man who hits the casino with his best buddies ... and ends up taking a gamble on a down-on-his-luck homeless youth. From the beginning, there's sparks, and the more they strip the secrets off one another, the more they fall head over heels. This is a stand-alone romance of unlikely opposites attracting that will heat you up, make you laugh, and live in you long after you finish.

"It was only supposed to be one weekend.
Now I'm serving this young muscle god's every desire and I can't get enough.
Was it too soon to call it love? Is that even what this was?
This unstoppable tangle of dominance, compassion, and lust between us?
He was the one thing in my numb, lonely world
that made me feel beautiful, wanted, and alive.
I knew it was wrong to live out all of my secret sexual fantasies with him, but he wanted it just as badly as I did, and didn't we both deserve to get what we needed?
Even if he might be dangerous.
Even if I was a total fool for getting in this deep.
Even if I was risking everything to have him."

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