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Title: Dom's Baby
Author: Melinda Minx
Number of Pages: (343 pages)
Publication date: Monday November 6, 2017
ASIN: B0777SP38W
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Book Review

Rule 1: Give her a baby.
Rule 2: Don’t fall in love.
That was our arrangement. Simple, right?
Except now she’s pregnant, and I want to be the daddy.


It’s my very first assignment as a dom for hire. I’ve been specially trained to get any woman pregnant, through use of very special techniques. But Madrigal isn’t just any woman. I’m supposed to give her a baby, and then disappear. Those are the rules. But everything about her makes me want to break the rules—to stay by her side and raise our baby together with her.


I wanted a baby more than anything. I was willing to do anything to get one. So when my friend told me about a special—and crazy—service that would get even an infertile woman like me knocked up, I had to jump on it. Or rather, jump on him. It’s supposed to be clear-cut: he gives me the baby, and then he’s gone. The problem? I don’t want just a baby anymore, I want daddy to stay.

Dom’s Baby is a full-length BDSM romance with a happy ending, no cheating, and plenty of steam. A bonus book is included.

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