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Title: Destiny in Deadwood: The Complete Series
Author: Cynthia Woolf
Number of Pages: (414 pages)
Publication date: Wednesday January 17, 2018
Publisher: Firehouse Publishing
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Book Review

All three Destiny in Deadwood books in one great volume.

JAKE – He’s on the run for killing his fiancée’s murderer, he heads to Deadwood with his brothers. Can he overcome his grief and find love in this rough and rowdy town?

LIAM – Grieving for his late wife, he decides to take his children and move to Deadwood, away from all the memories. Can one preacher's daughter remind him that he's still a man who can love?

ZACH – He helped his little brother escape, and now he's a wanted man. Having vowed never to marry, will Deadwood be the end of his vow?

Will all three brothers find love or will a man out for vengeance put an end to all their dreams?

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