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Title: Dealing with Difficult Customers
Author: Noah Fleming and Shawn Veltman
Number of Pages: (240 pages)
Publication date: Monday November 20, 2017
Publisher: Career Press
ASIN: B073HC3113
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Book Review

Ignore a valid complaint and you could be the next viral sensation for all the wrong reasons. But give in to every demand and you may be consumed with the often petty complaints of your worst customers and wind up pandering to them with freebies, discounts, and special attention. That will cost you time and money, and perhaps worse, do little or nothing to solve the root problem.

Dealing with Difficult Customers will show you:
  • How to stop using gimmicks and trick promotions to encourage repeat business and the alternatives that will keep your customers salivating for more.
  • How “Hungry Hippos” and “Problem Children” are sapping your employees time and energy and what to do about them.
  • The behaviors that turn great customers into dissatisfied critics and how to change them.

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