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Title: Deadly Countdown (Strong Women, Extraordinary Situations Book 4)
Author: Margaret Daley
Number of Pages: (218 pages)
Publication date: Wednesday July 15, 2015
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Allie Martin, a widow, has a secret protector

who manipulates her life without anyone knowing until…

When Remy Broussard, an injured police officer, returns to Port David, Louisiana to visit before his medical leave is over, he discovers his childhood friend, Allie Martin, is being stalked. As Remy protects Allie and tries to find her stalker, they realize their feelings go beyond friendship.

When the stalker is found, they begin to explore the deeper feelings they have for each other, only to have a more sinister threat come between them. Will Allie be able to save Remy before he dies at the hand of a maniac?

Margaret Daley, USA Today Bestselling author, has written another thrilling, fast-paced romantic suspense that keeps you on the edge of your seat to the very end. She loves telling a story full of romance, mystery and suspense similar to Dee Henderson and Lynette Eason.

˃˃˃ Q & A from Margaret Daley

Why did you pick writing about the bayou country in Louisiana?

I grew up on the Gulf Coast in Mississippi. My stepfather was Cajun, and I loved to hear stories about his childhood. That part of the United States is unique and fascinating.

Why did you title your series Strong Women, Extraordinary Situations?

In our society there are so many women who have gone through trials and tribulations and come out stronger because of them. They are good examples for others. They care about others and make a strong, firm stand for their beliefs.

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