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Title: Cobalt Dragon (Dragon Guard of Drakkaris Book 5)
Author: Terry Bolryder
Number of Pages: (175 pages)
Publication date: Tuesday April 10, 2018
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Book Review

The Cobalt dragon is ready for a mate. At least, the bookish intellectual thinks he is. But when he and his crew are sent on a mission to rescue another dragon heart, only to find that she's already rescued herself, Cobalt will find that fate has someone much different than what he had in mind.

Sylvie has always been a fighter. And not even wolves or wyverns can stop her from taking back her freedom. But maybe a towering, brilliant nerd of a dragon with muscles for days and a heart of gold can make her reconsider going back to the human world for a few days. After all, how bad could being in a giant mansion full of hotties be?

To Cobalt's shock, fate moves faster than he could have anticipated, sparking sizzling sexual chemistry between him and Sylvie. But there are problems that will take more heart than brains to solve, and Sylvie's unfinished business is lurking in the shadows at every turn.

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