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Title: Chaos
Author: Desiree .
Number of Pages: (735 pages)
Publication date: Thursday November 30, 2017
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Book Review

To read this book you read Skye Sisters, and the books before it to follow. There are four stories total in this book that make up one complete story, following the lives of the Skye sisters, and the men who will have to ultimately put up with them. You may read these four stories in any order you like. From the tomboy, Trinity Skye falling in love with her neighbor after a crazy basketball bet on the court, to her sister finally coming to terms with her sexuality. Another sister who decides to play a dangerous game with two men in order to prove a point. Another story that make up two best friends who dance around the idea of being together when attraction, love, questions, violence surrounds their very foundation on how they became friends in the first place. Testing their relationship to no end.

This book is filled with love, karma, secrets never before told until now. Magical things you can't explain happening, and a deeper look inside the sister's and what they're each able to do as root workers, and witches.

And OMG this sounds like a twisted movie plot. Purpose of this book is to experience it the way a group of readers would, watching a movie from different perspectives. Find three other readers, and each of you pick a different story to start with. They all start from the same beginning, and end the same way from a different point of view. Hence the reason you may read out of order. Or...if this sounds complicated, just read straight through.
*Must have read Skye Sisters, and the books before to read this book*******

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