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Title: Broken Crayons Still Color 2: Based on a True Story
Author: David Weaver
Number of Pages: (231 pages)
Publication date: Thursday June 28, 2018
Publisher: David Weaver Presents 2018
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Book Review

  • A must-read for fans of award-winning books as well as Oprah's Book Club readers.
  • The sequel to the #1 bestselling memoir, Broken Crayons Still Color.
  • A riveting testimony of faith and forgiveness.
When you squeeze a water balloon, as long as you don't burst it, the water simply goes to a different part of the balloon. Addictive personalities are similar. If a person breaks an addiction, they then have to find something else to transfer their energy towards. With Ashlon's help, Devin has made major strides to change his life in order to be a better man. He gives up alcohol and drug addiction, but is now facing the toughest battles he's ever had to face: forgiveness and gambling. Coming from the streets, he only understood that penalties existed for those who offended him. But you can't walk with God and carry the work of the devil, and how can you ask for forgiveness from God when you yourself can't forgive those that have hurt you? Some people saw gambling as a harmless venture, they saw a gambler win big or lose big, but never saw the psychological side effects to winning and losing money at such a rapid pace. Devin gets the wake-up call of a life time, forcing him to embark on a dramatic journey towards finding and getting to know God on a level that he'd never known him before. A deep, emotional love story that is sure to make you feel every single emotion that exists.

The sequel to the best-selling love story, "Broken Crayons Still Color" is a passionate drama that wins readers over one page at a time. One of the most important stories of the year with over 1,000 Amazon customer reviews in 5 months, this is a must-read for fans of powerful award-winning stories as well as members of Oprah's Book Club.

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