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Title: Alone with the Dead: A PC Donal Lynch Thriller
Author: James Nally
Number of Pages: (369 pages)
Publication date: Thursday October 8, 2015
Publisher: Avon
ASIN: B010L6L268
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*The first in an electrifying new British detective series starring PC Donal Lynch.*

Meet PC Donal Lynch.
Irish runaway. Insomniac. Functioning alcoholic.

Donal is new to working the beat in London, trying his
best to forget that night. After all, there aren’t many police
officers who can say they have a convicted murderer
for an ex-girlfriend.

So when a woman is murdered on his patch, Donal throws
himself into the case. As the first person on the scene,
Donal can’t forget the horrific sight that faced him – and
he knows this case can’t go unsolved. But how do you
solve a case with no lead suspect and no evidence?

As his past catches up with him, Donal is forced to confront
his demons and the girl he left behind. But what will crack
first, the case or Donal?

Chilling, brutal, addictive – if you like Tim Weaver and James Oswald, you will LOVE James Nally.

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