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Title: A Spy's Guide to Strategy (Kindle Single)
Author: John Braddock
Number of Pages: (125 pages)
Publication date: Saturday August 12, 2017
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When you're a spy, life is complex. There are long games and short games and games that don't matter. There are enemies, allies and allies who become enemies. There's ambiguity, lying and betrayal. It's on you to make sense of it. Just you.

You decide what to do. You take action. Just you.

Which means you need a framework for making sense of the world. A framework that takes into account enemies and allies. A framework that puts them on the same field. A framework with predictive power. Most importantly, a framework that you can take with you. A framework that fits in your head.

You need a framework for strategy.

A Spy's Guide To Strategy applies a spy's framework to World War I, the "War On Terror," and a spy's interactions with a lying source.

It starts with game theorists' First Rule Of Strategy.

A simple rule to help you capture the complex:

"Look forward and reason backward."

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